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Memorial Presbyterian Church

Jessica Harrold - 2/2/2021 7:36:00 AM

Memorial Presbyterian Church

Memorial Presbyterian Church is proud and blessed to offer multiple scholarships for youth looking into higher education.  Each of their 3 scholarships listed below have different requirements and benefits.  All grants will be paid only to accredited colleges and universities for pursuit of an academic degree: 


            1)  Charlotte B. Currie Memorial Scholarship

This $1,500 award (per year for 4 years) is granted to six graduating high school seniors within Midland County high schools for the purpose of college education on the eventual completion of a Bachelor’s degree. This scholarship is intended to promote leadership and productive citizenship by making higher education facilities available to young men and women of the Midland County area who would find it difficult to secure an education without this assistance. 


            2)  The Dale Thomas Dean Memorial Scholarship

This $1,000 award is granted to a graduating high school senior within Midland County.  The purpose of the award is college education.  The candidate must have received acceptance into an accredited academic college or university for the succeeding year. 


            3)  The Beth Ann Hodges Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is a one-time $1,000.00 grant.  It will be awarded to a graduating high school senior from Midland High School or H.H. Dow High School.  The awarding of the scholarship for college education will be based upon the criteria of need, merit and service to the community, school, and church.  Special attention will be given to experience and talent in the field of vocal music. 


Applications for all three scholarships are online at:

If there are any problems with the application process please contact Stephanie Lewandowski at or Shelly Luckett at


Deadline:  April 9, 2021