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Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) Scholarship

Jessica Harrold - 1/26/2021 8:41:00 AM

You may start the process of applying during the second semester of your junior year of high school.  Students may apply for only one of the three scholarship program options-Navy, Nurse or Marine Corps.  Before the application can be finalized and forwarded for selection consideration, you must ensure that a copy of your complete transcript, including your entire junior year, is forwarded to your recruiter.

Students w/30 or more semester hours or 45 or more quarter hours of college credit upon application are not eligible for four-year Navy ROTC Scholarships; these students should see professors of naval  science at host university's Navy ROTC unit to discuss other scholarship opportunities. (See the Scholarship Opportunities Tab on this same "Program-Info" page.)

Active duty Navy applicants are ineligible to apply for Navy ROTC. Active members of other branches of the military may apply if granted a conditional release. Individuals who are scheduled for boot camp may apply but cannot report to boot camp before a decision is made on their application.  If they wish to report to boot camp prior to a decision being made they must withdraw their application in writing.


  • In addition to the below, some universities have chosen to provide additional benefits to NROTC Students. For more information, click here
  • Full tuition at one of the listed colleges or universities. Questions regarding payment of tuition, fees, books, and stipends should be directed toward the specific Navy ROTC Unit.
  • All mandatory fees imposed by the School on all full-time undergraduate students.
  • Stipend for text books
    • Currently $750 per academic year ($375 per semester or $250 per quarter)
  • Provide uniforms and Naval Science textbooks
  • Three summer cruises
  • Subsistence allowance each academic month:
    • Freshmen - $250/month
    • Sophomore - $300/month
    • Junior - $350/month
    • Senior - $400/month

If you have any questions about this scholarship please contact the Scholarship Office E-mail:




Deadline: January 31st, 2022