Counseling Center

Last Updated: 3/3/2021 7:12 PM

The Counseling Department handles everything from scheduling classes to providing a friendly face to turn to when a student needs to talk.

Counselors are responsible for the delivery of services to the entire student population. The role of counseling is to help students enhance their learning process; deal with their present life situations more effectively; become goal-directed and self-directed in preparing for their life and careers; and to develop positive personal, interpersonal, and social skills. Counselors also serve as the liaisons between home and school for helping students navigate the transition at each level. 

The Midland High Counseling Center is dedicated to helping students manage their lives, inside and outside of school. Counselors check in with students regularly as well as offer additional meetings when needed. To make an appointment with your counselor, sign up in the Counseling Office.



Office Hours

7 AM - 3:30 PM / Monday - Friday

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Staff Listing

Jessica Harrold, Counselor
(989) 923-5203
Hayley Stepaniak, Counselor
(989) 923-5211
Misty Theisen, Counselor
(989) 923-5205
Leslie Benoit, Paraprofessional
ph: (989) 923-7530
fax: (989) 923-5268
Your counselor will be your primary contact regarding the following:
1. Academic Issues
            - scheduling
            - grades
2. College and Career 
            - college applications
            - transcripts
            - career choices
            - military enlistment
            - school-to-work
            - Xello
            - Parchment
3. Testing
            - SAT, PSAT, ACT, M-STEP, AP and ASVAB via the military
4. Personal
            - All counselors are trained in personal and crisis intervention counseling