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Building Announcements

April 1, 2019

Announcements: Monday, April 1
3:15-4:45pm at the ABD Home and Studio. If you are riding the bus to the meeting,
please meet in Mrs. Zeitler’s room right after school. Make sure you arrange ahead of
time for a ride to pick you up promptly at the end of the meeting, which is at 4:45pm. If
you are unable to attend the meeting and have not yet notified Mrs. Zeitler, please do so
today. Thanks!

YEARBOOK: We are taking our club photos of ourselves this week.

HEAD TO HEAD vs. NE and St. Brigid before Spring Break:
Congratulations to our Head-to-Head test takers and performers! Your intelligence and
talent sure did shine!
Here are the first, second, and third place rankings from the Finals!
MATH: 1 st place – Shubhan Nagarkar, 2 nd place – Andy Yao
LANGUAGE ARTS: 1 st place – Adrienne Fiege, 3 rd place – T-Emmi Oshin
SCIENCE: 1 st place – we had a three-way tie with Shubhan Nagarkar, Andy Yao, and
Robert Roe, 2 nd place – Venkat Iyar
SOCIAL STUDIES: 1 st place Andy Yao, 2 nd place Mauricio Kliger
MUSIC: 1 st place tie – Robert Roe and Grant Wang
REAL WORLD: 1 st place – Charlotte Ault, 2 nd place Shubhan Nagarkar, and a tie in 3 rd
with Andy Yao and Venkat Iyer
ART WRITTEN TEST: 3 rd place - Kimberly Gilbert
SPORTS AND FITNESS: 3 rd place - Micah Dahn
BLACK AND WHITE ART: 1 st place - Zoe Gavin
COLOR ART: 1 st place - Kimberly Gilbert
VOCAL SOLO PERFORMANCE: 1 st place – Gretchen Shope, 2 nd place – Hailey Allen
INSTURMENTAL SOLO: 1 st place – Sarah Li, 2 nd place – Shubhan Nagarkar, and 3 rd
place – Bobo Qui
VOCAL ENSEMBLE: 1 st place - Bailey Bills and Hailey Allen
INSTRUMENTAL ENSEMBLE: 1 st place – Shubhan Nagarkar and Grant Wang