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May 13, 2019

May 13, 2019

Crime Scene Activity: This is a quick overview of a Crime Scene Activity that has
been taking place in Mrs. Brillhart’s room, room 305 on Wednesday’s. One day, one of
the rock members came to discover that the ROCK buck store prizes were stolen!
Starting after spring break, we learned different techniques to crime scene solving.
Even if you didn’t come before, feel free to come next week! It will be a quick overview
of what we have learned so far, and at the end, we will do a fun DNA activity and you
can make your own DNA bracelets! The best part will be on May 22, where after school
you will get your evidence packets, and you will use the evidence along with what you
learned to solve the crime scene and find out who stole the prizes!

ROBOTICS: Congratulations to the Jefferson CyDogs who were Winning Alliance
Captain and Inspire Award Winner at the FTC off-season event in Vassar, playing the
Rover Ruckus game one last time. The team has grown together over the past 3 years
since its inception and it has been a true FIRST journey for the team
From Jefferson Middle School, all but two of the members from the CyDogs and a few
students from the Wired Wolves and TechnoHuskies teams will graduate from the
middle-school FTC program and will be moving up to the high school FRC program,
joining the Charge at Dow High. We wish them the best of luck as they continue their
robotics endeavors in high school

M-STEP – 6 TH GRADE STUDENTS: Sixth grade students will be taking the M-STEP
test on the Tuesday and Wednesday this week from 8:00-11:30 am. Students are
assigned to test sessions by their team. Team teacher have shared testing locations
with students already but if students have questions about who they are testing with,
they can ask any of their teachers on their team.
*Students, please make sure you know which of your team teachers you are
testing with so you can report directly to your testing location first hour tomorrow.
*Students are reminded to charge their computers the night before and bring
their computer cords in case they need to plug in during testing.
*Tomorrow is the MATH CAT. On Wednesday, students will be taking the ELA
CAT and will need headphones. Please bring your own headphones if you have
provided if students need them.
Students only bring a pencil and a reading book for testing and should not bring
cellphones or other class materials to the testing room.