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May 20, 2019

Announcements: Monday, May 20
Vaping among teens has risen to epidemic levels. Jefferson Culture Club is sponsoring the “Get Your
Head Out of the Clouds” campaign for this week to provide facts about e-cigarettes and vaping.
Many users believe e-cigarettes/vapes are nicotine-free, but all small vape pod cartridges contain at
least as much nicotine as pack of cigarettes.
TRACK AND FIELD: To any track and field athlete who is not participating in today’s meet, it
is time to turn in your track and field uniform for the season.
All uniforms can be turned into the main office and it need to be in a Ziploc bag with your first
and last name on the outside of the bag.
Uniforms can be dropped off in main office. Ziploc bags will be provided.
Any questions, please see Mr. McGee.
2019 FOOTBALL: Any 6 th or 7 th grade student interest in being part of the 2019 football
program, please listen up.
There will be a football fitting (helmet, shoulder pads and pants) on Thursday, May 23 rd from
5:30 – 6:30pm in the Jefferson Gymnasium.
Coaches and the Riddell rep. will be in attendance.
For more information, please see Coach Reed.