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Student Council

Student Council is a student run organization that executes school-wide activities throughout the year and serves as the primary voice of the student body.

Members of the student council are selected by an application, interview and election process. The executive officers of the student council are elected by the student body. Each representative is elected by the peers in their class. Applications for the council are made available in March/April and elections are held in May.


MHS Student Council Mission Statement

We, the Student Council of Midland High School, in order to develop a more unified student body, are dedicated to:

  • advocating for and maintaining a safe and positive learning experience for all students and staff
  • promoting and creating school activities to enhance school pride and a tradition of excellence
  • contributing a voice to represent our school
  • remaining an approachable organization and considering input from those within Midland
  • commending achievements of our diverse student body
  • serving our community

By striving to meet these goals, we will develop a unified student body and improve Midland High School.

Student Council Executives 2017 – 2018

  • President – Caleb Wolfe
  • Vice President – Nick Pellegrino IV
  • Treasurer – Jack Schulz
  • Secretary – Allison Shepard

Representatives – Senior Class of 2018

  • Madison Carroll
  • Benjamin Gordon – Vice President
  • Devin Granzo
  • Madison Roberts
  • Hannah Smith – President
  • Holly Stauffer

Representatives – Junior Class of 2019

  • Maya Albright
  • Maureen Aloff – President
  • Boppy Cripe
  • Bitsy Mammel
  • Cameron Mills
  • Katherine Perry
  • Madylin Sherman
  • Ellie Wardell

Representatives – Sophomore Class of 2020

  • Kaitlyn Bremer – President
  • Abby Chapman
  • Madeline Dollard
  • Misa Halphen
  • Timmy Kipfmiller III
  • Ryan Kreusch
  • Carlie Servinski
  • Taryn Vielma
  • Hannah Woehrle

Representatives – Freshmen Class of 2021

  • Lucy Cripe
  • Natalie Gaffke
  • Ryan Hampton
  • Owen Jozwiak
  • Lauren Revord
  • Taylor Sanborn
  • Lauren Shepard
  • Grace Welter
  • Jack Wolfe

Staff Advisor

Monique Albright
Monique Albright
(989) 923-3005